Marcel was raised in a rural town in North Eastern Connecticut. He spent most of his childhood playing outside and building things. In his teen years, he became interested in filmmaking, and decided to study it in college with aspirations of becoming a film director. He moved to Pittsburgh, PA with a friend when he was 17 years old to attend The Art Institute and completed a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in 3 years.

After graduation, he worked his way into the film business in Pittsburgh, working on commercials, short films and Hollywood pictures. Between production gigs, he filled his time designing for and learning from a talented advertising veteran in New York City. As advertising continued to transition from print to digital, he began designing websites and learning to code. During this time, he transitioned out of the film business and into design and marketing. He helped his NYC mentor build Montauk Tackle Company, an outdoor lifestyle brand based around the water, while also doing work for other clients.

Around the same time, he was recruited by an entrepreneur who owned a large local pharmacy chain called Med-Fast, and a handful of other businesses. Marcel was tasked with redesigning and rebuilding all the company websites and ended up leading a team of designers for the marketing team that supported these companies. During his time there, he gained exposure to in-house built web applications and built some of his own. It was at this point he realized that would become his focus.

He began to search for opportunities that would allow him to learn more about building web applications. He was offered a position at Expedient, a national datacenter and cloud managed services provider. He began as an Application Engineer maintaining and building new features for the company’s information systems. He was promoted to Development Manager a few years later leading a team of developers in rebuilding the company’s customer support system.

Marcel became recognized as a leader in his field and was approached by the marketing team at Dick’s Sporting Good’s to build them a project management and planning tool for photo and video shoots. Marcel decided to leave his fulltime position to run Dynima, his own custom web application business. This allowed him to pursue that project, and others like it, while having the freedom and flexibility to spend time with his wife and daughter.

Marcel is always looking for new opportunities and challenges. Feel free to send him a message. He is open to discuss any projects or app ideas you have. Also, check out his work experience.